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Instagram Deactivated My Account


I thought it was just a glitch. I kept trying to refresh and then I started laughing, "...typical Instagram would shut down right before the 4th of July..." but then I was logged out permanently. My stomach fell right to my ass. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Just two weeks ago, some creep opened an Instagram account claiming I had an OnlyFans account and was publishing explicit content using my likeness. Apparently, this happens quite often with young women. It goes like this: a trolling, bored scammer will publish photos and videos (usually pornographic in nature) claiming it is a specific person (in this case... me) and charge curious folk (or more creeps) for access. I was livid, but mostly felt helpless. What can you do at that point? I only hoped that my followers and FRIENDS would not follow the account and would continuously report it until it was ultimately taken down. Eventually the fake account disappeared. And so did my real account. Begin panic. I have continuously pestered Instagram and Facebook to restore my account, filing numerous appeals and even going through Facebook to beg some guy named 'Bruno' to help me out. Alas, still nothing. Somewhere in the Internet's No Man's Land is @jasminealleva, ambling in the dark while her owner screams into the streets for her return. Please, dear Instagram, ZuckDaddy, Gods of the World Wide Web, hear my pleas; answer my prayers; restore my account. I have faith the account will be restored... but it might be a while. In the meantime, I guess I will continue living my life elsewhere. I watched the 4th of July fireworks without even posting on my story. Can you imagine such a reality? Absolutely bonkers.

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